Custom jewelry service: a one of a kind creation!

The custom jewelry creation service

You have a significant event or project coming up and you would like to have a personalized creation for the occasion? Or are you simply curious to learn more about custom jewelry? In this article, Lynn Légaré presents all the details of this service and how it works.  


-What is the custom jewelry creation service?

The custom jewelry service is a piece of jewelry that is designed and produce specifically for a client according to his or her requirements, tastes and budget. The person has the chance to choose the entire design of the jewelry. It is a creation that will be personalized according to your requests and that will be made only for you!


-What materials are used?

Authenticity and noble materials are values that are very important for us. I work with different raw materials. My go-to material is 18 karat yellow gold, but I also like to work with sterling silver, platinum and titanium. During the first session of the service, we can discuss together the possibilities according to your expectations. Pearls are a great source of inspiration, especially those from French Polynesia. During the custom design process, I frequently use gemstones including diamonds, Australian or Montana sapphire and green garnet, commonly known as tsavorite. I will pick up these gemstones directly from my supplier following our meeting to find the perfect one for your jewel according to your requests.      


-Will my jewelry be exclusive?

When someone wishes to have a custom-made creation, it goes without saying that it is essential for this person that her creation is exclusive. The jewels created for my clients are all exclusive, they are unique pieces made in a single piece. Only you will have the chance to wear your jewelry made especially for you!


-Do you also make custom-made wedding rings?

Yes, I frequently make custom wedding rings. At Lynn Légaré, we understand the importance and significance of this important moment in your life. This is why I will take the time with you to define your needs to make sure the creation meets your expectations. In terms of the gemstones used, diamonds are generally very popular. They can be recovered from an old jewel or from a diamond that I propose according to strict criteria such as origin and quality. I highly recommend the purchase of Canadian diamonds sold with a certificate.


-Will I get a preview or representation of my custom jewelry?

Of course, you will! I always present a three-dimensional prototype of the creation to the customer before proceeding to the realization stage. For me, this mode of visual communication is much more precise than a simple drawing. You will have a better idea of the design and aesthetics of the jewel. I find it important to make sure that your unique jewelry suits you before moving on to the next step. After we visualized the prototype together, I make the necessary modifications if necessary and if it’s approved, I begin the production process. A custom jewel is much more than the acquisition of a simple object, it is an experience that we have taken part in and that will be with us day after day.   


-How are the creations produced?

My jewelry is entirely handcrafted in my workshop located in Montreal, whether it is a unique custom piece or a limited edition. I find it very important to produce my collections entirely locally. I prefer the construction technique by assembling the model from the metal plate and wire, but I also occasionally opt for the lost wax technique, which consists of sculpting the model in wax and then casting it in metal.


-How long does it take to receive my personalized creation?

The duration of the process depends on the complexity of the creation. It all depends on the materials used, whether or not stones are used and of course on the nature of the work. If a piece is complex and requires several stages of work, the delay can be about a month.


-How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment for the creation of a custom-made piece of jewelry, simply contact me by e-mail at [email protected] and send me a brief description of your project.


-Is there anything to prepare before the custom design meeting?

All information provided is pertinent in order to fully understand the essence of your expectations. Following the first contact by email, I will contact you in order to prepare the future meeting. It may be relevant to have a small idea of the style you are looking for, the type of jewelry you want (ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet, etc.) and your approximate budget. We can also take the time to discuss it together! 

To inspire you or give you an idea of what is possible, here are some creations that have been made exclusively for some clients:



Here are a few testimonials from customers who have received the custom jewelry service:


"It was essential for me that the jewelry was as unique and striking as the occasion for which I was offering it to my fiancée... The choice of materials, the style, the harmony with the personality of my loved one, an object that would be noticed while giving the impression of having always been there. Beyond her high-quality work, I was very grateful to Lynn for her listening and advice. Her complicity was an invaluable part of this beautiful celebration."

Benoît Melançon


"A word to thank you for your creativity in making my jewelry that I wear regularly and with great pride. I often receive compliments on their originality.

Thank you and I look forward to imagining our next project!"

Isabel Valasquez Perrier


"For 20 years, the jewels Lynn Légaré has created for us, have marked happy moments in our lives. At each occasion, she judiciously guides us in the choice of stones, precious metals and in the making of the jewel. She then puts all her talent as a jeweler to give reality to what was only an idea to finally dazzle us. Thank you, Lynn, for making our lives more beautiful."
Robert Arpin and Ginette Plouffe