Lynn Légaré

About Lynn Légaré

Although jewellery making is an age-old craft, designer Lynn Légaré is unwaveringly contemporary, like her elegant pieces. She is a trained jeweller, and has been passionate about wearable art for 30 years. She is known for her stunning, unique pieces that have been displayed at exhibitions around the world, from New York to South Korea. After all this time, she has never stopped designing fine jewellery for everyday life.

While her unique pieces have long been the product of an intuitive, complex and sculptural formal approach, the new collections, available only on her online store, are inspired by minimalist art and its origins: the Bauhaus, the great German school of art. These limited editions pay homage to the maxim made famous by architect Mies Van der Rohe: "Less is more." Necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, brooches and earrings will captivate those who love design in all its forms, the quality of refined aesthetics, and the subtlety of a sleek line of jewellery that is bold, yet not ostentatious. These simple, refreshing designs are a culmination of master jewellery-making techniques—and the jewellery, handcrafted for both women and men, moves fluidly with the body, dances on the ear, and sparkles on the finger.


Lynn Légaré jewellery is timeless, singular, and classy. It transcends being a simple fashion accessory and becomes an expression of style, which is as original as the person who wears it.


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